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Meraviglie, la penisola dei tesori

3D reconstruction of Villa Adriana

Tuesday 11 January 2022 in prime time on Raiuno, the appointment with Alberto Angela is renewed to discover the wonders of Italy.

In this episode, in addition to other Italian treasures, we will move to Tivoli (Rome) which since the 16th century has been synonymous with wonder for the presence of two jewels declared World Heritage by Unesco: Villa D'Este and Villa Adriana.

For the latter, the Arsenale 23 agency chose FRAMES for the 3D reconstruction of some sites of the villa: the Maritime Theater, the Serapeum and the Canopus. The reconstruction also involved experts in Roman architecture and archaeologists, with the aim of reproducing as faithfully as possible, according to the studies carried out by experts over the years, the splendor of the residence of the emperor Adriano.


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