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Since then, interest in this type of sector has gradually grown until in 2008 when, after working in the field of software development and new technologies, starts the collaboration with AMSYS S.r.l.

From this fruitful collaboration, which lasted 6 years, in the 2009 was born the first completely 3D emotional video for the Tachipirina brand by Angelini Farmaceutici.

Until 2014 it was then a succession of 3D animations especially for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector.

Red Blood Cells

Since 2014, as a 3D generalist freelance, the creation of 3D animations as well as for the pharmaceutical sectors has been enriched with science in general, technology and advertising.

From 2020, given the high level of quality achieved and the growing complexity of VFX in the videos produced, Fabrizio decides to found FRAMES, a small but talented studio dedicated to 3D animation.

FRAMES employs a few but talented collaborators, professionals and above all enthusiasts, specialized in 3D animation and post-production.


With more than fifteen years of experience in the field of 3D animation, our works feature products and services in various industry including, technological, scientific, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.
Firmly convinced that a video, in addition to representing a concept, should arouse a feeling of amazement in the audience, we use storytelling, design, vfx and music to always instill in our animations the ability to excite the viewer.
This ability is achieved by being innovative and never repetitive and always looking for new ways of the 3D communication…
but not 3D only.
Brands we have worked for: ANGELINI / CellPress / ELMAN / FIDIA / IBSA / Infasil / Jhonson & Jhonson / Ilooda / LG Information Display / LUCART Professional / RAI / Thomas Ashbourne

The story

FRAMES was born only in 2020 but its history dates back to 1994 when its founder, Fabrizio, began experimenting with 3D modeling and ray-tracing software.
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